Sunday 24 August 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Celebration in School with Frozen Elsa Theme

Time passes fast and my Cutie^Princess is now 4 years old. I can still remember the scenario of the day when she was born as it seems like yesterday.

She is now a big girl to me as she can actually choose her favourite theme for her Birthday Party. The most funniest is that she can describe to me how she want her Birthday Party to be like and how the whole process and scenario should be... I think she can become an event organiser... hahaha.....

I tried to keep the whole party simple and memorable. I also hope that her classmates are having fun.

Posing with column balloon by Missy380
I have been searching high and low for Frozen Theme Cake but could not find any cake shop with licensed Disney Frozen. Finally, I was lucky that I got the Disney Frozen Birthday Cakes from Bengawan Solo after my mum told me that she saw it there.

I got the Frozen Theme balloons (one is table top, one is floor standing) from Missy380. It is very nice and many people thought I made it myself.... but the fact is that I am not that creative enough to create balloons sculpture.

The kids enjoy the cakes and the mini size packet of Milo packet. I think they enjoy the most is the mini size packet of Milo as most of them telling me that it tastes nice.




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