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Who am I ?

Hi, my name is Jocelyn Yeo. I am a mother to Cutie^Princess[, a wife to M^King[, a Singapore Mumpreneur as well as a Stay-At-Home mum. I am a workaholic (enjoys working day till night almost everyday) and started working part-time when I was 16 years old. I enjoy learning new stuffs and making many new friends.

I started my full-time journey immediately after graduating from Engineering Course in Polytechnic. I am trained in project co-ordination & management as well as sales during my full-time journey in F&B Kitchen Equipment & DC industrial. But then I realised that my management skill was very weak, therefore I decided to pursue my part-time BSC(Hons) in International Business and Management studies. During my last year of study, I was carrying my Cutie^Princess[ up and down, to and fro, my workplace, sites, meetings, school, doing projects as well as exam hall. It was tough because I need to carry her up and down the staircases and keep yawning everywhere. But I do enjoy and miss those day and thanks god that I was lucky to receive my 2nd class, Upper Class Honor certification, thinking that she will be my lucky charm.

After giving birth for close to 1 year plus, I gave up my well-paid job and enter into work-at-home life. This decision is a major change to my life but I still feel that it is worth as am able to be involved in almost every precious moments of my Cutie^Princess[ during her growing stage.

Being a Mumpreneur and Stay-At-Home Mum, I do occasionally get to meet up with other Mumpreneurs, Dadpreneurs, sales persons, parents, elderly, kids and many more others... I do enjoy having nice chatting and sharing in my shop, outside and even on whatsapp. Feel free to chat and share with me.

As a Stay-At-Home Mum to my Cutie^Princess[, I always have to find endless activities for her because she is a active girl who cannot sit still. If you have any great ideas or events, do keep me update.

Why Mom Divulge? 

Well, I am a Mummy there for I used "Mom" to describe me even though many friends and supporters out there calling me "Mama" for years (heehee..). I want to share and reveal (Divulge) all my knowledge, interest, fun, journey and many more on this blog.

Why Personal Blog? 

This will be a memories and diary with my Cutie^Princess[ involved. I want to share my life journey, my reviews, my knowledge, almost my everything here just like a diary so that in the future, my Cutie^Princess[ can read and learn how much I love her. Due to this will be my personal blog which will be my diary that will be written and edited by me personally, I will promise to keep it true in this entire blog.

I would also love to share my reviews, my product knowledge and other knowledge which I have after trying, working out or even doing it, to all my friends, families and supporters out there.

Yes, I do have my own E-commerce + blog website with many visitors and customers all over the world visiting almost every minutes and hours everyday (looking at the statistic chart and real-time monitoring). But I decided to create a separate personal blog instead so that it will not look messy.

All these years, I do have many friends, media, publisher, suppliers and manufacturers out there who love to give me free trials. If you are thinking that you have any items, products, events, travels or anything you would like us to review or try out, do share with me by dropping me an email. I am open to accepting forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. I will definitely provide and express my sincere and honest opinion, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products and express here.

Mumpreneur but Stay-At-Home Mum? 

I do have a retail shop but I hardly go there as "thanks god", there are a few lovely and committed colleagues in the front-line managing for me. Normally I am at the back-end handling orders and paper works, therefore I am able to stay at home taking care of my Cutie^Princess[.

Why I start to set-up business? 

Well, few years back I was carrying my Cutie^Princess[., and was working full time as a Sales Engineer and pursing my final year part-time BSC(Hons) in International Business and Management. I started online shopping and realised many nice clothing which I love to purchase for my Cutie^Princess[.. And thereafter I started with pre-ordering and later grow into a well-established business. Interested to know more? Stay tuned and read on....

Thank you for reading me and keep on following me to read more about me.


[[ Jocelyn Yeo [[
             aka Mom Divulge 

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