Thursday 21 August 2014

Parklon Bumper Playmat from Korea

I invested this Pooh Flower Hill Parklon Bumper Playmat when my girl started to sit on the floor and learning to crawl. Below this picture is taken when she first got this mat when she started learning to crawl.

When she is older, we used it for her trampoline and slides play! She is active and likes to jump around. Absolutely no bump! So far (TOUCH WOOD), none of us trips as you can see the edges are fitted nicely to the ground.

Till now we enjoy laying on this playmat watching television program, napping, resting and playing.
Below this picture is taken when she is older.

When she was 3 years old, we remove the guard from her cot bed we use it in front of her bed worrying she fell off her bed
Below this picture is taken when we took off one side of the guard from the cot bed.


Till now, we still carry around using the provided carrier, to and fro my mum house and my own house. So easy and convenient!
This is the M size with 12mm thickness. It is light and I love it !

How to choose? Which to choose?

Many friends are asking me which size should they choose, which type or design is better, which thickness is best.

Frankly speaking, you should ask yourself the following questions:
- Where will you normally be placing it?
- The area where you want to place it is enough for which size? M ? L ?
- What is your main purpose? My own main purpose is to allow my baby to sleep, rest, play on the playmat.
- Thickness? Ignore the thickness, if you have limited space. If you have luxury space, you may consider L size which is thicker. But thicker means it will be heavier. Go for M size if you want to carry to and fro your house and your mum or mother-in-law house.
- Which design? Depends on your needs. Mostly people will prefer designs with full A to Z for learning purposes.
- LG or Parklon? Depends on your budget and which design you prefer. To be frank, both serve the same purpose and have equal quality. I personally feel that Parklon Bumper Playmat is good enough unless you prefer the LG designs. But please take note that only Parklon Bumper Playmat comes with a free carrier bag.
- How to clean? The mat can be easily cleaned with damp cloth. You may want to consider to use Parklon Organic Mat Cleanser.
Read more at this link :

I do hope that my recommendation helps you to understand better about this product. Do share with us your experience on these products by commenting it below.

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