Friday 16 May 2014

New Lady-Like Pinkie Bicycle

I still remember there is one weekend bringing her to Tampines Giant and my Cutie^Princess[ tried pedalling on a bicycle. She looks so nice and sweet, so lady-like, on the white bicycle with red dots. But so sad that there is only one bicycle left and happens to have another young girl interested to buy when she saw her pedalling around. My Cutie^Princess[ have to give up her seat and feeling so sad….. As a mummy, looking at her, I feel so sad and heart pain too.

So, I decided to look around for a similar bicycle but with basket in front. I have been searching for days and finally, I happened to see a nice cute pinkie bicycle through the glass front of a shop UCIG Bike @ Yishun. happens to be closed that day. Actually from the glass front, I am attracted by all the featherlight road bikes....who knows I am so luckily to spot the kids bike hidden at one small spot.

Few days later, I bring my Cutie^Princess[ to that particular shop UCIG Bike @ Yishun again after her lesson. But the shop is closed again….. Both of us are so excited and anxious to purchase the bicycle while waiting outside the shop and we look so funny out there. We waited for almost one hour plus and finally the shop is opened.

We requested to try out the bicycle and they are very helpful. It is the last piece available and finally we decided to purchase it and bring back home!

YEAH! I am going to test my new bicycle!!

Look at how serious my Cutie^Princess[ is trying hard to master the handling and pedaling of the bicycle.
Staying focus....

& ready to go.....

We love this bicycle so much and it is much more nicer than the one we saw at Giant. Thank you and really appreciate UCIG Bike @ Yishun for your time that day and bringing in this nice bicycle.

So happy with the new bicycle and storing so much of her yummy drinks & snacks in the basket.

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