Monday 23 June 2014

1st School Trip to Doughworkz, Pizza Making workshop @ Pasta Mania, SMU

Our Selfie taken in the bus.

Today I am so excited because it is my Cutie^Princess['s first time going outdoor with herschoolmates and I get to go too!!!! The school organised a trip to  Doughworkz workshop @  Pasta Mania, SMU to learn, understand and create own Pizza!!

Yes! We reached!! Yummy !!

This outlet seems very big and they cater a room for workshop.

Look at these 2 young ladies.... what are they doing?? They seem to be curious with the poster stand and in the end... they pose with it. kekeke....

hey look ! Got special offer
This pants looks nice...
He looks handsome, let's take photograph with him.

While waiting for the workshop to start, it is photo-taking time!!!

Heehee... today, I am going to make myself a PIZZA!

Introduction and briefing time!!
Oh no... do not touch the stainless steel hot pan with bare hands....
Kitchen Equipment used

They show us the ingredients used for making dough.

and... posing time again while waiting.... hahahaha...
Look, I have tall hat..
Yes, I am all-ready to create my own pizza!


 Looking at the ingredients.
Mummy, got cheese.... leh....

Look at my Cutie^Princess[ as she is seriously paying attention worz.... she learns how to play tai-chi while making dough... hahahha.....

And we are done!!! Waiting for the pizza to be baked!

and our photo-taking session while waiting for the pizza to be ready!!


 YES!!! Pizza is ready to eat now !

"err.... what you say??"
"Mummy, I am ready to eat my pizza now.."

 Mummy asks:
"May I have one piece? Please..."
"No, I am going to eat all by myself"

 Finally, we can go back to school now! Feeling so full !
Err... before I go back, may I have one balloon?? I want pink colour.... I like pink colour...

Luckily the school created such excursion and I get to know that my Cutie^Princess[ is doing well in school. Why I say this? I am always puzzled and worry if she is mixing with her friends, knows how to pay attention and many more... Now, with this excursion, I am sure she is definitely mixing well with her friends as she keeps influencing her friends to run-around non-stop ..... and she is paying attention in the workshop.

Well, overall the experience is fun!! My Cutie^Princess[ gets to hands-on to create her own pizza as well as get some knowledge on the kitchen equipment, ingredients and facts. We really enjoy and the pizza, garlic bread, drinks are nice and the service are great!

Check this website for more information :  

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