Friday 13 June 2014

A day at Ikea Tampines Space Camp

I always enjoy going to Ikea @ Tampines with my Cutie^Princess[. Why I prefer there is because of the ample Free Parking lots available, fast & easy access exiting from TPE, endless role playing as well as endless play areas for kids. My Cutie^Princess[ will never get bored there and of course I also get to eat my favourite hot dog sandwich.

Today, Ikea is having an event called Ikea Space Camp where many activities are going on there. I decided to bring my Cutie^Princess[ there to check out what's going on there.

Luckily we reach there at 7pm, there are not much crowds. At the entrance, there are free candy floss and popcorn stations. WAH!! My favourite! And of course we queue and grab one each for each of us. Next we took the escalator up to the second level to redeem our free ice-cream which I cut-out the coupon  from the Straits Time Newspaper. Of course I ordered my favourite hot dog sandwich. The self-dispensing soft-serve ice-cream cone machine is so fun and unique that my Cutie^Princess[ requested to do it again after taking few mouth ....omg... she has not finished the ice-cream.. and of course I said "No, because you said that you do not want the ice-cream and yet you want one more?".

Next, we have a free photo taking session and dress ourselves with the tools provided. It is so funny....
Action 1

Action 2

Oh my...guess who is there???... My Cutie^Princess[ found a huge bear at the dinning area!!!!

See how lovely she is with Ikea's bear....

And what she did next .....

dinning time with Ikea's bear???? or trying to fold napkins??

She shifts to another dinning table and telling me that the bear is hungry .....

After that, we walk to the Bedroom Showroom, and next guess what Cutie^Princess[ says......."Mummy, the bear is feeling sleepy. It is time to sleep.". And she places the bear on the Ikea's bed, covering it with blanket, hops onto the bed and covers herself with blanket........

both having a nap on Ikea's bed after a meal???

reading story book???? Bedtime Story????

It's time to sleep.... so have to dim the lights....

Guess who is there!!!!

taking picture with Alien Mascots??? Cutie^Princess[ loves Aliens??

Alien Mascot hugging my Cutie^Princess[ !!!

Omg.... My Cutie^Princess[ is throwing eggs on the wall! HEY !! That is not the right way.... But she is telling me that she wants more..... and continues throwing at least close to 10 eggs (I guess) ..... Luckily there is not much people at that time, and the staffs are so friendly, allowing her to keep queuing for her eggs.

Cutie^Princess[ trying hard to throw the eggs on the wall.

We move on to the children's bedroom and guess what she does this time ....

Cutie^Princess[ is sleeping on the mat with the bear and the dog under the bed.

Think it is time to go home.... oh my.... do you see my Cutie^Princess[?

Shhhh... please do not let my mummy knows I am here....

It is an enjoyable day as there are more activities and event going on there.... but we did not participate any.... and suddenly the crowds are getting more at 10pm (because there is hot dog eating competition) and we decided to leave.

We will be back again for more fun there!

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