Tuesday 29 July 2014

{Review} StarWater Healthy Water & Cooking Demo conducted by Chef Anna Phua

I am so excited to be invited to attend StarWater Healthy Water & Cooking Demo conducted by Chef Anna Phua which is organised by Why? Natural and Healthy food, healthy living, healthy lifestyle is now a trend to most people. Don't you feel like understanding more about it? Guess you would too!

Do you know:
Eating too much acidic foods like meat, sugar, white flour, tea, and dairy and not having enough alkaline ones—vegetables, tubers, olive oil, quinoa—can cause an acid imbalance in your body. Our bodies need both acid and alkaline compounds to function properly. Having imbalance acid will leads to other health problems which you may google search for more findings.
Brief on the Starwater - Star 5 Water Ionizer
How Water Ionizer works to produce Acid and Alkaline water.

Special Function which they have, I think most of us love to know too!!

Showing the PH level (acid or alkaline) with different types of beverages

Showing the PH level of individual beverage using test solution
The beverages starting from left to right is Life Purified Water, Sprite, 100 Plus, Tap Water and Star 5 Alkaline Water. Looking at the chart in the screen, orange is more acidic and purple is more alkaline.
Do you know that most of our favourite foods and surroundings environment are more acidic than alkaline. In order to balance it, we can take more alkaline food or water.
Demonstration of how drinking Alkaline Water can help to change acidic water to more alkaline
Doing a test to show how acidic we human are, using the alkaline water with test solution and a straw.

Trying to blow the breathe into the water using a straw for few minutes.

Can you see? The Alkaline water (Purple) has changed to become Acidic (yellowish)

Now is Chef Anna's time to demonstrate us few healthy dishes. During this lesson, she taught us how we can slim down with fast and easy ways of beverages making, food making as well as the correct method to take our dinners.

She explains how she use Alkaline water for her healthy cooking and how it helps others.
Chef Anna explains that alkaline water is helps in detox, anti-oxidant, slimming, remove pesticide from the food/fruits and many more.
Love her cooking as it looks so simple, healthy and tasty!
Nice crunchy Pear Salad. I love this dish so much, so refreshing.
Yummy Herbal Chicken soup!!! Gosh... So smooth and nice!!
Yummy Brown Rice with salt!! So much nutrients! I love this!!
Chai Seed Drink and Honey Peppermint Lemonade, so refreshing!
So modern look, compact, few functions, have 2 separate acid and alkaline discharge for different use.

She also mentioned that using alkaline water to soak the vegetables and fruits makes it taste tastier and sweeter which I am kind of agree to this sentences after trying out the dishes. These food are so fresh, crunchy and natural which is something I have been missing so long. I gain a lot of knowledge from this session. I love these fast, easy, healthy recipes and will try out myself soon!

You may download the product brochure to find more:

My Opinion

Frankly speaking, I feel that this is a good product to invest base on long run. Example you do not need to invest other ingredients to wash your vegetables or fruits. You can use this alkaline water to cleanse your face and have a healthy body. There is a separate channel to discharge acid water great for cleaning and washing dishes.

They are having a promotion and based on calculation, it is a great time to save and get a healthy lifestyle!

Find out more at

Star Water Pte Ltd
Address:      1 Kaki Bukit Road 1
                     #02-12/13 Enterprise One
                     Singapore 415934
Main Line:   +65 6580 8358

Check these out yourself.

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