Friday 15 August 2014

A Sunflower Balloon a day makes our Day so Happy

Thank you to Orange from Missy380 for the Sunflower Balloons. Isn't it nice?


Looking forward to more Balloons (Special Theme) for my Cutie^Princess['s Birthday Party in school next week! I have to start preparing the goodies bag for her classmates too... Busy Busy...

About Missy380:

Balloons for all! They provide Balloon Decorations for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Wedding/Engagement, Opening Ceremony, Events.

Need some floating helium balloons and balloons decorations to enhanced your event venue? Look no further.
Contact ORANGE via:
Whatsapp: 9090 4003
SMS: 9090 4003

for quotation now!

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Add them on Orange_missy380 at instagram

They provide competitive prices without compromising their quality!
Their Latex helium balloons are coated with hi-float which enhanced the floating time.
Their foil balloons are from leading manufacturers Anagram & Qualatex.

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