Friday 22 August 2014

First School Trip to Health Promotion Board without Mummy

Today is the first time my Cutie^Princess is going for a school trip to HPB workshop without the accompany of Mummy. She is 4years old and is in Nursery 2. Do you feel she is too young to join the school excursion without parent following?

Frankly speaking, I am a Mummy who will want my child to explore and expose to new things. I will not want to cage her, stop her from learning or exploring. I love her school for having activities, programs or outing and I will fully support whenever I can. I need her to learn how to be independent, get socialized and expose more new stuffs so that she can learn things faster which I think it will benefit her for life. Don't you agree with me?

Last night, out of a sudden, my in-laws said that she is too young to go for excursion without parent but with teachers only. They asked why am I not worried? I am surprised and sad by what they said. I asked them what is the best age they think she will be old enough to be able to go without parent? And of course, I got no answers back.

I feel really sad by those words as how would I not worried? She is my life, my sweet-heart, my everything. But, no matters what, I still have to encourage my girl and let go of my hands so that she can be independent and move on faster. My girl who is very pro-active, really enjoys to be with her friends and teachers. How can I stop her and make her feel sad?

I believe the school have done their assessment, plannings and have high confidence that the teachers involved will be able to manage the students. As a parent, we must support the school because they are doing good for our children, right?

It is time to fetch my girl back and she is so happy. She enjoys the trip and I am really confident that I made the right choice. She tells me that she sees the "Happy Boy" (not too sure what she means as she did not describe or says further but I am sure she learns something), eats hotdog sandwiches, sit with one of her classmate together in the bus, and many more...

What I told her in the morning before she goes to school:
- listen to teachers' instructions.
- follow the teachers closely.
- inform teachers if she needs to go to the rest room
- inform teachers anything she needs.
- must anyhow not run around.
- drink more water.
- bring back her bag which she is carrying.
- teach me what she has learn from the trip

If your child have the opportunities, do not stop them :) 

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