Monday 4 August 2014

{ Remedy } To Cure Sore Throat - Coke & Salt

I am sick for almost 1 week.... due to fever, headache and sore throat. My sore throat is terribly painful and I can feel the lump in my throat. I went to visit a doctor but the medicine does not cure my throat at all. It was my 5th day of having this painful sore throat. Suddenly I recalled that I ever tried drinking a can of cold coke with salt and recover immediately. So I decided to try out again.
My rescuer!
I went to a Mama Shop below my block and purchased a can of COLD Coke. I went back home and added a teaspoon of salt and drank it all immediately. Less than 5 minutes, I could feel lesser pain in my throat. Amazing!!! I would say that I was almost 60% recovery!!!

The next day, which was the 6th day, I drank one more time and I was TOTALLY RECOVERED!!!

If you are having sore throat, think you can try out my method too. Now I have to keep this natural remedy in my blog for reference so that I can remember what I should do when I have this problem again.

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