Tuesday 23 September 2014

{ Review } SHM Cafe - Stay Home Mum Cafe

I have been hearing from many people regarding the Cakes in a Jar and finally I get to try it out. It is set-up by a Stay Home Mum, Jeslind Tan. All their cakes are handmade fresh every day and the ingredients used do not contain artificial preservatives hence it is recommended to consume the cakes within 3 days of purchase.

I bought 3 jar of different flavours at Kovan Heartland Mall, Level 2 beside the escalator:
- French Style Ichigo
- Ichigo Jelly
- Oreo Cheese

There are mini version @ $4/jar as well as a normal version @ $6.50/jar. I personally feel that the normal version is more worth and is just enough to curb my cravings. But if you just want to try the taste only, you may choose the $4/jar but I do not think it is worth.

I prefer Ichigo Jelly more but my hubby who doesn't eat cakes, end up snatching away the jar from me and took a big mouthful of the cakes..... I am surprised that he says it is nice because he is not a cake lover.

The cakes taste light, very moist, soft like cotton, very mild in sweetness and melts in the mouth fast. It neither gives me any fattening or fulling feels. The overall presentation of the cakes is nice and colourful. Overall, I would say it is nice and is a great choice for those people out there who are not a sweet tooth-lovers.

The concept of using a glass jar is a great idea especially for those people who are on-the-go and require to restore energy from the cakes or having cravings. Just twist the cap and you are ready to eat with a provided spoon. Glass jar are re-usable which is a great choice for people who are eco-friendly.

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