Monday 29 September 2014

New Sample Store Relaunch Party - #sskabloom

I feel so excited to attend the Sample Store Relaunch Party "Ka Bloom" at Fullhouse Signature Cafe on 20th September 2014. This is a successful event with all Beauty Editors, Beauty Panelists and Members gathering in this beautiful and spacious Fullhouse Signature Restaurant. There is an introduction of the new Sample Store website that is about to launch soon, and inviting us to try out, understand and providing them with feedback. I can't wait for the new launch with more new trials.

Look at the invitation card, they are so professional that my name is printed on the card.
There are many sponsors there at different booth explaining and giving us trials. I simply enjoy this event because all the sponsors are very professional in introducing their products, giving us free trials on spot, free consultation and analysis. There is no hard selling, no pushy sales but purely introducing their products (mainly new launch or up-coming new launch). I feel so comfortable and actually bought myself some products at special promotional price. Both Ashley and I are too busy visiting the booth for trial and getting information, end up we didn't have the chance to take pictures. Why? By the time we finished visiting all the booths, more members came in and we could not really take the pictures of the nice place. hahaa....

There is also buffet line and I heard from many that the food are yummy. But we did not manage to grab much as it runs out so fast despite seeing the food being replenished many times.

Ashley and I grabbed these Yummy cakes sponsored by Emicakes.

Look at the goodies and my purchases in the below picture, 2 bags full.... on my god... no wonder I feel it is so heavy.


I loves Sample Store for gathering different companies for providing us trials, samples and one-to-one product introduction. This way, I am able to try the products out to ensure it is suitable for me, before buying it.

Bloggers Ashley, Wei Thing and Jocelyn

I grab my these at special promotion price there!!

I simply love this kind of event and hope more to come.

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