Friday 24 October 2014

Hurom Slow Juicer

I have been reading many reviews about slow juicer and finally decided to give it a shot.

Our new Slow Juicer with the help of my little girl.
Using two oranges to make orange juice.

Look at the orange juice. Isn't the colour looks so fresh and thick?

Look at the orange pulps, they are almost dried.
Using raw almonds and soak it overnight (10hours)

Look at the Almond Juice!!!! Really thick!!

I boiled it and added honey!!!
Overall, I love this product so much!!! It gives the real taste of the oranges and almond. I have never have such clear (without pulps) and thick fresh orange juice. Even thought this machine is expensive but I feel it is still a great product for fresh juice. I have to say that every component of this machine are really solid and heavy, and is really too much to wash. But I still strongly recommend to have this machine for a healthy and real juice.

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