Friday 18 July 2014

My Hugging Cushion Pillow from Mini Toons

I have been hesitating for years whether to buy the hugging cushion pillow plush and finally decided to get one for myself!

My cutie cannot resist to hug it after we purchase from Mini Toon...she carries it non-stop...

I have been thinking whether to get myself this plush or not. But suddenly my sister got herself one from Craftholic (see below). 

I actually lay on this while using laptop. It is very soft and comfy (not so fluffy - more flat), colour is not so bright and the hands are longer compared to the one I got from Mini Toon.

My sister's and she bought it at Craftholic @ Bugis.

This below from Mini Toon is more bright in colour and more fluffy (not so soft, kinda hard), body is slimmer and hands seems shorter compared to the Craftholic. It states the label is DooDoo...
Mine from Mini Toon.

When Cocomong meets Plush Pillow.
Frankly speaking, if you ask me, Craftholic material and texture (soft and comfy) is much more better than Mini Toon.
Overall I still love it so much because it is cute .... and my Cutie^Princess[ loves it too as she keeps taking it away from me .... end up I have none again.....

The price for both Mini Toons and Crafthholic are different. But Craftholic has more variety.

Check this out:

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