Tuesday 22 July 2014

Finally got the small size RAB Jr. from Craftholic

On Sunday, we went to Bugis Junction for a walk and went to Craftholic to have a look. Suddenly I saw the RAB Jr (small size) which looks very cute, I showed it to my Cutie^Princess[ and she hugs it non-stop. This was the last piece in the shop and she loves it so much. They are having promotion 2pcs which is much more worth.

Left is for  M^King[ and right is for Cutie^Princess[ 

Then ..... I came to a thought of getting myself one more too. Suddenly, a guy voice came and said: "I think buy one more this for me to bring to my workplace so I can hug it." My heart paused that instant moment, I tilted my head to my left, looking at my hubby, M^King[, and said: "huh???" I was thinking, when my hubby becomes to be a plush lover? I was so sad but did not say anything because it was too expensive for me to buy one more... So I shut my wish again.

After leaving the shop, suddenly my Cutie^Princess[ was having her stomach-ache again (on-off) and seems getting serious, so we rush her to the clinic to see a doctor. I would say luckily we got this plush for her to hug as to let her feel comfortable. She hugged it non-stop after buying.

feeling pain at clinic

Next day, Monday, she insisted to bring out when we go shopping.

All our 3 collections

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