Tuesday 22 July 2014

{ Review } App now comes with "Offers Near You" & SAVE SAVE SAVE !

I just get to know that has a Singapore Map Mobile App that have this "OFFERS NEAR YOU" which I find it is good to share. Why? This is because all of us have one more way that can allow us to SAVE SAVE SAVE !!!

It is quite interesting because it have two ways to search for offers. You can either search all the offers available or search the near-by offers available. This way, we can save time to find great offers within the 5km vicinity when choosing near-by option.

Look below what offers I found from this app!!!

Oh my god... so many FREE & LOOK!! 90% OFF !!!

Look! Did you see the 1st one have complimentary gift from SkinFood?
This is fun! There are many services, food & beverage, retail, and many more offers!! Isn't it great offers to share? 

How to download?

Step #1: Search for "Singapore Map" mobile app in your Play Store and download it.

Step #2: Open the app and choose the "Offers near you" option.

Step #3: Choose to view the offers in either "ALL" or "NEARBY" options.

Step #4: For Nearby option, you may choose to view the offers within 1Km up to 5Km.

Step #5: Click into the offer which you are interested in and you may also call them with one press on your phone screen.

Step #6: Click into the picture for more details.

Isn't it easy and fun? This SkinFood complimentary gift looks temping.... might check it out!

NOTE: You may also view it from your computer too by clicking into the link below:

I think it is a great advertisement for business owners. Why?
Nowadays many customers likes freebies and special offers (like me), and will also be curious what outlet if I am interested.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners out there, why wait? I feel this is another great platform to share your offers, promote your business as well as increase traffic. I might also consider to try it out too.

Do Check it out yourself!!

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