Saturday 20 September 2014

{ Getting Organised } Kiddy Book Shelves.

I always have the problem thinking where to place my Cutie Princess's story books as I do not have a proper storage area. The books are always either hidden in different drawers or in a bag. I will have to dig out the books by searching almost everywhere whenever is required especially before bedtime. But having the difficulty of digging out story books everywhere, I am lazy to read storybooks to her.

Finally, I came across a bookshelf and decided to get her one.

Now, she has a proper library area with all the books neatly displayed and is visible. She enjoys choosing her favourite books from the display bookshelf for us to read to her everyday.  She will place the books back to the original location after finished too.

I feel glad and have no regrets in getting her this bookshelf as well as getting organised.


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