Thursday 18 September 2014

{ Getting Organised } Make-up Cabinet Box

I neither have a proper dressing table nor have a mirror in my bedroom. One day, I came across this nice little storage with mirror and I bought 2 boxes of these. The pink colour for my Little Cutie Princess and white colour is for myself. Finally, both my Little Cutie Princess and I have a proper storage area with mirror.

The storage is spacious, overall structure seems to be solid and heavy, and the mirror is big enough to see my face. The top is hinged type and the bottom is a drawer, overall it is easy to open, close.and pull out.

I am very happy as I am able to store quite a lot of stuffs in it and is quite compact to be placed anywhere. My Little Cutie Princess has her own make-up cabinet too. She is so happy that she even took my comb, hair clip and handphone and placed in her own cabinet. But no worries as I know where she can hide them now... hahaha....

I am so excited that I designed a little cherries decorations there. My Little Cutie Princess requests for a heart shape after seeing my decoration.

I love being Organised!


  1. May I know where you bought the makeup cabinet? Thanks!

    1. Hi, I got it at where there is a promotion going in at times.


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